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To secure a space in the program you will need to visit the office and fill out all the appropriate paperwork.  
We will confirm that all necessary documents are tuned in and registration fees are received.

*New Students - We will need to view the child's Birth Certificate or other means of legal identification,
picture of the child, copy of insurance card,
and a copy of shot record. Custody papers are needed when applicable.
Kindergarten - 5th Grade
Supply List
Loose Leaf Paper
Index Cards
Preschool Supply List
Gallon Baggies
Baby Wipes
Hand Sanitizer

Extra change of clothes in back pack
2021- 2022 Rates
Before and After School Care
Kindergarten – 5th Grade Weekly Fee           
Preschool/Kindergarten Combo Fees
Weekly:      $75.00
(This includes days we are open and public schools are closed)

Daily Before & After School/School Closures:         $20.00/$25.00
Separate checks will be needed for each program

Extended Child Care:          $80.00

Preschool:                  $100.00
We only accept checks & credit/debit cards
Registration Fee:      $80.00
Curriculum Fee

2-day 2 year old:       $220.00
3-day 2 year old:       $260.00
2-day 3 year old:       $175.00
3-day 3 year old:       $200.00
3-day 4 year old:       $225.00
5-day 4 year old:       $250.00
Kindergarten:           $300.00
PreSchool/Extended Child Care Combo Monthly Fees
Extended Child Care receives payment for both programs
Call for part time fees

Preschool 2's:              $660.00
Preschool: 3 & 4's:      $600.00
Kindergarten:             $640.00

Breakfast Bunch:        $10.00  (Before Preschool care 6:30 - 8:45)
Infant and Toddlers
Supply List
Spray Disinfectant
Paper Towels
All items needed for the day
Infant and Toddler
Infant and Toddler Weekly Fee
Call for part time fees

6 weeks - 1 year                $220.00
1 year old                          $190.00
Registration Fee:      $80.00